This year 2022, for the Commission on Population and Development VII at its onset, proved to be a very challenging one.

In spite of the fact that we are still in the midst of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic which from time to time exposes us to new and more threatening variants, and which forces our government to make policies responsive to the situation, the onslaught and the extent of the devastation left by the Typhoon Odette last December of 2021 really brought down Region VII, most particularly Bohol and Cebu, to an unexpected hardship and struggle that affected very much the operation of this office.

But like a seasoned boxer, we stood strong and resilient amidst the compounding hardships and tried to push forward whatever that can be done for the public service. It is in this kind of situations where initiatives, creativity, and strong fellowship surfaced – an asset that is sometimes primed by the call of situation.

As we are slowly standing back to our feet, I call upon each and everyone of us to continue with high hopes that things will eventually end for the better this year most especially because new mandates for new programs, policies, and activities (e.g. full devolution of national government’s programs and policies, special protection of teenage mothers and their children, among other things) need to be delivered for the Filipino families.

As always, being a regional office, we will be primarily relying with the very strong support of the various Local Government Units for the delivery of the services as we continue to forge and build partnerships with all our stakeholders, both in the public and private sector. For without them, the task to carry on would simply be impossible.

As we focus our sight to what is ahead of us, we continue to be vigilant and heighten our situational awareness considering that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing. Adherence to the strict requirement of health protocols should, at all times, be observed.

Please remain safe everyone. Our most important asset in this organization is our human resource. Safety for everyone is of our utmost concern.

Towards the fruitful 2022!