Regional Director Atty. Bruce Ragas


The year 2020 was truly a very challenging year for all of us!

The pandemic has brought us back to rely on what are the basic things in life. It has brought so many changes not only in our individual lives but also affected the way we live and strive as a community and, as a nation.  It has brought down our economy to its lowest level, in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), since World War II.  Despite that, we all cling to hope and vision that things will get better.

In the harrowing difficulties everyone faces, POPCOM VII has stood firm and strong, convinced with the belief of the relevance and importance of the programs we deliver to the Filipino people amidst this pandemic we are in.  We have proved, in spite the limitations, that services that needed to be delivered were delivered.

For 2021, even though strong adherence to health protocol is still the calling and everyone is waiting for the anticipated vaccine, POPCOM VII is still ever committed to deliver the mandate expected of us for the benefits of the Filipino families.  Rest assured, that as we continue to address the welfare and safety of all the staff, we will also continue to work closely with our partners, stakeholders, and beneficiaries as much as we can.

For the year 2021 we are also looking forward to the coming result of the 2020 National Census of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).  By then, we can gauge somehow how far we have gone in the management of our population, to see whether or not some indicators would point out to improvements. 

So, I call upon each and every one of us to unite and be firm as we all continue to move forward. We will surpass this challenge we are all facing. #