POPCOM VII announces its HELPLINE now available to clients in Region VII from Monday to Friday at 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.  Areas of concerns include: Family Planning (FP), Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) Sexuality, STI, HIV and AIDS-prevention including teenage pregnancy; and Gender-based Violence (GBV). Helpline numbers include the POPCOM VII Regional Center with landline number: 236-4963 and dedicated cellphone numbers of Responders: 0936-972-6651 (FP), 0925-877-4110 (AHD), and 0917-307-9355 (GBV).

The purpose of the POPCOM Helpline is to provide basic and essential information to clients on these matters, make commodities available to clients with service provider, such as pills, condoms, and implant insertions; information-dissemination on the concerns of young people – physical and physiological information for adolescents, Gender-based Violence (GBV) – services to clients with a referral system in the barangay level following protocols to access services, creating a two-way intervention; receiving clients’ reports and other population-related issues.  POPCOM VII Helpline is only for basic information, and with GBV, for example, it is not intended for counseling; otherwise, clients are referred to DSWD/MSWD and local service providers. The POPCOM Helpline has an existing Manual and Guidelines/ Protocol to follow based on the memorandum from POPCOM Central Office.